As we are now coming to the end of this amazing year, 2017, it is time to look to the future and all the new and exciting trends that are predicted for 2018 in the world of weddings and events. 

There are many predictions for 2018, but the one I would like to enchant you with today is the use of geometric shapes using copper/metals and even marble. I am in love with this idea, since I am a person who prefers to think "out of the box" so to speak. I think we all tend to get wrapped up in the expected, the standard, the easy way of doing things. So, let's think GEOMETRIC and shake things up a bit. 

With the use of geometric shapes, I immediately start thinking about terrariums.  There are an abundance of beautifully designed terrariums using the geometric trends, making for fun table tops and centerpieces. The texture mostly seen in the creation of these terrariums is metal. Copper, zinc and iron are just a few that are being used to create these unique vessels.

I love, for example, how copper presents a warmth and very inviting feel to any setting, but yet looks amazing with the cool, sophisticated appearance of marble.  Two opposites united for the sake of creating a beautiful table top setting for any event!

I also believe that the geometric shapes will absolutely be presented and used in ceilings as backdrops and props for weddings and events this year.  Our affair with the geometric shapes will not stop on the table top!

Until next time, stay excited for the new things to come and always stay happy. 

Signing off, Angie Gillis-Unkart
Owner and Designer of Encore Events by Angie Gillis

Along with this amazing time of year, celebrating the holidays, comes the Winter Wedding Season! What an incredible time of year to have a wedding. This time of year offers so much beauty, grace and a bounty of decor options from mother nature. Everywhere we look we see natural textures, colors and greenery that can be use to create a magical setting suitable for the perfect wedding decor.

Texture is always an important part of any design -- for example, the texture of the pine cone is simply lovely in the way the tiers unfold and offer themselves to a dip of color or paint. The tips of the pine cones could be a metallic silver or gold, or simply white. Either way, the pine cone can bring beauty to any winter wedding decor. 

The stillness of the earth when it is covered in white by a fresh snow is more than pure -- it's graceful. White is one of my favorite colors to use in decorating. It's fresh, clean and elegant. What a better time of year to take advantage of this color. There is nothing more elegant than the color white! It can create the most simple of statements for a wedding day, and at the the same time, the most elegant of statements as it did for my special bride and groom Sarah and Kyle Derrickson. I created a white backdrop of their wedding logo from all white roses and then infused with white naked tree branches with crystal strings and white fur trim. Simply beautiful!

I absolutely love incorporating the natural wood elements, greens and red berries in winter decor for weddings.  To simply float holly with berries in a clear votive vase with a floating candle is nothing less than stunning.  My advice to all who may be planning a winter wedding is to go out and take advantage of what nature is offering you! Weather your decor is simple or extreme, this time of year brings an abundance of materials to use to make it happen.

Thank you for reading our blog and I wish you all a most memorable holiday and winter wedding season!

One of the most important things you'll do when you begin planning for your special day is venue selection.

The venue will "set the stage" for your upcoming wedding day. The venue should make you feel at peace with your decision and there should be no doubts that it is the perfect spot for you special day.

Oftentimes I see brides very confused and overwhelmed with this decision. The venue should be an extension of your personality and the things that you like to be surrounded by; try not to get caught up in what others have done, and what other think. This day is your day, and when you keep that in mind it helps guide you in the right direction. Living here on the Shore, there are so many amazing venues. Waterfront, water views, beaches, golf courses, farms, barns, open fields, ball rooms and so much more.


It might seem stressful with all the venue options there are to choose from on the Shore, but don't worry. With so many options, you're bound to find that perfect spot, like this couple here in Pemberton Equestrian Center. Photo by Sincerely, the Kitchens.

The first questions you need to ask yourself are, "Where do I feel most comfortable?" and "What do I want to see all around me on my special day?" Tell your planner what type of person you are and be open with your planner about this. Wedding planners are good at many things, but unfortunately they can't read your mind. Once you establish the feel you are going for, then the planner can offer suggestions. 

From there, you should visit the venues and imagine yourself there on your special day. If you can't seem to make it work in your mind, chances are it won't work for you the day of.  Remember, think venue first! Venues book up very quickly, and they are one of the most important keys to unlocking a day you will never forget.

Thank you for reading our blog and I hope that you are well on your way to your venue decision making for your upcoming wedding day.