Hi everyone and welcome to Encore Events!! 

I am so excited and proud to share with you, some of the most special moments in time that we have designed and created for our clients.  This web site has been designed to reach out and touch you, as each and every event has touched us.  Now to share a little about myself.

I have been blessed to have my own interior design company for over 20 years.  The success and the friends that have grown from this venture and time in my life are none other than amazing!  I have enjoyed tremendously working with each client throughout the past 20 years.  Designing and creating that special place they call home.  It has truly been an honor and one of the most rewarding areas of my life.  My children, Shelby & Jordon & my step son Brad, of course, being the most rewarding experience of all. 

In 2011, I realized that perhaps it was time to venture on to something new.  After so many years of doing what I loved, the state of the economy made me realize that this amazing journey was about to come to an end.  I knew that it had to be a stepping stone to something grand, I just had to figure it out.  Then, as if this time had been designed just for me, it happened!  One of my very dear friends, and client, asked me to design and create a very special wedding for her eldest daughter Katie.  Without any hesitation, I looked up and I knew this was it.  This was the new direction I was supposed to take in my professional career.  As with anything I have ever tried to do, I jumped in with both feet and have never looked back.  

This was to be "my new destiny".  

I have put much thought and feeling into the creation of Encore Events.  My overall goal is for Encore Events to be unique, refreshing and unexpected to all who enter our doors. 

Each and every event is a true celebration.  It's a time of joy and happiness.  With compassion and attention to each and every detail, your event and experience with us will be one that will last a lifetime.

This is my commitment to you, which comes with the opportunity of working with you on your upcoming event.  Thank you so much for visiting our web site.  Myself and my amazing team are looking foward to meeting you.

Angie Gillis

About Angie